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Warning! This post has very little (perhaps nothing) to do with philosophy. The summer of 1969 was my summer between high school and college. I had been accepted to the American Dance Festival program at Connecticut College for Women in … Continue reading

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Getting it right: Colbert, neutrality, and Sonia Sotomayor

This is brilliant. Thanks to Sharyn Clough for sharing it on her Facebook page or I wouldn’t have seen it since I tend not to watch very much TV. Perhaps this is an oversight on my part. Watch it and … Continue reading

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AAP – Women in Philosophy

Why is it that the Australian Association of Philosophy (AAP) has prepared a report, “Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession”, and there is no comparable report from the APA? All I can say is that it makes … Continue reading

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Society for Analytical FeminismFeminist Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition CALL FOR PAPERSSAF Session at the Central Division APA Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IllinoisFebruary 17 – 20, 2010 The Society for Analytical Feminism invites submissions for a session at the 2010 … Continue reading

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The new issue of the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy has been posted online. This issue includes the study by Miriam Solomon that I mention in the previous post. It also includes the papers from the Central Division 2007 … Continue reading

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And yet more employment data

Miriam Solomon (with John Clarke) has completed a study of this year’s hiring season in philosophy. It has been published in the current Proceedings and Addresses of the APA and will be appearing in the forthcoming issue of the newsletter … Continue reading

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More on women in philosophy

Sally Haslanger has posted data on women in philosophy at the “top 20” schools in the 2009 Leiter Report. It is posted here but I have copied it below since it seems that some people have had trouble accessing the … Continue reading

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Being a philosopher at a community college

I read a post about interviewing at a community college on The Philosophy Smoker last night. Several days ago I had an email from a philosopher who is a friend of a friend asking me for advice on applying for … Continue reading

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A reflection on pausing from time to time

I haven’t done much philosophical reading, writing, or even thinking in about a year. This is not to say that I have stopped entirely. There were several projects underway that I managed to complete or continue, but my heart hasn’t … Continue reading

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New blog, new philosophy search engine, and a new post of women in the profession

Several interesting things have been happening online over the last week. First, there is a new philosophy of science group blog: It’s Only a Theory. Posts so far have mostly been about the nature of scientific theories and specifically about … Continue reading

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