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Why is this story about women?

Perhaps it is my imagination but it seems to me that the NYT has a tendency to frame stories about women, work, and family in a way that is somewhat reactionary.  This morning’s story, “Coveting Not a Corner Office, but … Continue reading

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Sentiment and reason

Next week’s The New Yorker (January 17) has an article by David Brooks, What the science of human nature can teach us:  It’s actually is is an excerpt from his forthcoming book which is primarily about education, according to his description.   … Continue reading

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Syllogisms, nihilism, and politics

I am concerned that philosophy may be in for some bad press after the recent coverage of Jared Loughner’s syllogisms and nihilism.  There was an interview with his philosophy instructor in Slate here and the NYT ran a piece on his nihilistic philosophy. … Continue reading

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What good is philosophy?

Thanks to a facebook friend’s post, I had the opportunity to look at some interesting photographs of philosophers taken by photographer Steve Pyke. Many of these photographs are accompanied by something that the philosopher had to say about herself, how … Continue reading

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Doing Fieldwork

Last weekend I was at the APSA (American Political Science Association) in Washington D.C. I am currently working on philosophy of science issues in political science and so I was doing “fieldwork”. Actually, the quotes probably don’t belong there as … Continue reading

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Some useful tips from Feminist Philosophers

Here are some concrete suggestions for taking steps to promote, support, and increase women in philosophy! Thanks to Jenny Saul at Feminist Philosophers!

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Society for Analytical Feminism at the APA in NYC

If you are in New York for the Eastern APA please join the Society for Analytical Feminism for the following session: Monday, Dec. 28, 9:00-11:00 AM Chair, Sharon Crasnow Feminism and Contemporary Popular Culture Laurie Shrage, “XX Radio – Adding … Continue reading

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Budget cuts hit broad swath of Cal State —

Budget cuts hit broad swath of Cal State — Posted using ShareThis Scroll down in the article and you will see that among the departments mentioned for possible cuts at Cal Poly Pomona is philosophy. Something to think about.

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This fall the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy contains my article, Women in the Profession: The Persistance of Absence. One of the main themes of the article is that philosophers need to recognize that the absence of women in … Continue reading

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*CALL FOR ABSTRACTS* Feminism, Science, and Values June 25-28, 2010The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada In June 2010, the International Association of Women Philosophers ( ) will be meeting at The University of Western Ontario. This will be … Continue reading

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