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Articles in Philosophy of Science: Models and Representation

For a treat during winter break, I am reading back issues of Philosophy of Science and have been pleasantly surprised that there are articles that I am actually interested in reading! Vol. 74 (2007) has a number of articles that … Continue reading

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Doing philosophy in public

What is it to do public philosophy? At Gone Public there is a post and this suggestion for the answer: So what is public philosophy? I’d say it is philosophy that is in some way or another engaged with public … Continue reading

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Has the Time Finally Come?

Over the last several weeks and perhaps more gradually over the last year or so there seems to have been an increasing awareness of the many ways in which women are less incorporated into the world of academic philosophy than … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival

My post made the carnival! It is posted here as “Science on Faith”, but also posted at Knowledge and Experience. Check out the Philosophers’ Carnival at Philosophy Sucks.

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What do the Numbers Mean?

Over at Knowledge and Experience Evelyn Brister is posting a series on women in philosophy. What is really interesting is that for PhDs in philosophy, slightly under 30% are women and undergraduate women philosophy majors appear to be a very … Continue reading

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