London work and travel

Although retired from teaching I am still working as a philosopher. At the moment I have quite a number of things keeping me busy. I am editing a book series with a colleague (Feminist Strategies: Flexible Theories and Resilient Practices) and the Handbook of Feminist Philosophy of Science (Routledge) with another colleague. In addition, I am working on several papers. I am continuing to think through standpoint theory as both a methodology and epistemology, while at the same time writing a piece of feminist methodology. My other research in philosophy of political science has been focused on narrative and then another piece exploring some new work on measuring democracy.

All of this is taking currently taking place in London where I will be till the end of March. We are staying in a lovely little row house near King’s Cross. The area is revitalizing (or gentrifying depending on your perspective). Because of the proximity to King’s Cross there’s a lot of foot traffic, much of it involving people dragging wheelie suitcases to and fro. It’s lively, interesting, diverse — foods from all over, languages from all over, and much to do.

We are about a 25 minute walk from the LSE where we are both visiting for the term. I am in the Gender Studies Department.h The department offers a wide variety of masters programs. It’s been very welcoming and I look forward to getting to know the people who work there a bit better. The view from my office is to the right.

My introduction to the Gender Studies department proved somewhat more “exciting” than I would have expected. I will post on that soon.

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