Minimalist seascape

I have been terrible at posting, but my excuse is that I am traveling. Here’s a picture just to indicate that I am still here and that I have not abandoned the blog. It is a sea scape version of a Quinean desert landscape, at least that is how I was thinking of it and my excuse for posting it on a philosophy blog. The location is Otaru, on Hokkaido, in Japan.

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2 Responses to Minimalist seascape

  1. Lifergy says:

    I first discovered your blog site yesterday evening. I left a comment on a few of your earlier posts: “On Objectivity” “The Value of Philosophy” “Articles in Philosophy of Science: Models and Representations”On your latest post, their is not much to go on. I would venture to guess that perhaps in your travels you have relaxed your thoughts on broader reflections with little devotion (in the immediate sense), on focusing your considerations to any specific branch of perspectives.

  2. Sharon says:

    This is a generous and imaginative interpretation. The real story is that I have been terribly distracted and so my thoughts just haven’t been very focused on writing. I have been doing things and sometimes thinking and doing are not fully compatible, or at least they need to be done sequentially. I think I will come back blogging in time. Thanks for your comments. I’ve read them will respond in a few days, when there is less to do.

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